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TOL Community Seder - First Night, Saturday, March 27, 2021, 5:30 PM   

This special Seder is designed to be condensed, family-friendly, and should take about an hour and 15 minutes... after which we can all recline and enjoy dinner in our own homes. Please prepare your own seder plates and four cups and have your Haggadah ready. We will meet on Zoom to re-imagine the story of our ancestors’ exodus and liberation through readings and song, questions, and more questions.

Register here for the Zoom link. 

We will use the New Union Haggadah by Bronstein/Baskin. 

You can pick up copies of the Haggadah and a box of matzah at the synagogue March 23-26.
After the holiday, please make sure you return the books to the synagogue. 
Alternatively, you can use this PDF file of the Haggadah.

Passover Rescources

Planning Your Seder                                                                                                                                                                                            Passover begins on the evening of March 27, 2021. For your virtual seder, familiarize yourself with the platform you'll use to host.

Choosing a Haggadah

The CCAR (Central Conference of American Rabbis, the Reform movement’s publishing branch) offers several Haggadot, including the family-friendly ‘Sharing the Journey’ Haggadah and the new Mishkan haSeder. 


Haggadot and Seder Resources for Download

T'ruah - The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights 

Rabbi Amy Scheinerman's Haggadah

Velveteen Rabbi Haggadah by Rabbi Rachel Barenblatt 

10-Minute Haggadah by Rabbi Yonah Bookstein


PJ Library has everything you need for a fun and interactive seder with kids


Feeling creative? Choose a theme or create your own Haggadah from scratch at


The URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) has put together an extensive list of online resources and stimulating questions to bring each part of the seder experience to life for all ages.


Pesach Playlists for All Ages

Enliven your seder with music! The URJ has compiled playlists of traditional and not-so-traditional seder songs.


Spotify Playlists

Create your own playlist on Spotify. Look up songs related to freedom, journey, springtime. Or get inspired by these compilations.

Passover Jams

Passover Family Favorites

Passover Songs for Adults


Passover Videos For All Ages

Children’s Playlist

Passover Parodies  


Host a Virtual Seder

Haggadah: The seder is a collaborative experience! Assign everyone different parts of the seder to lead from whatever Haggadah or source (poem, song, video clip) they prefer, and however creatively they wish.


Seder Plate: Have each person/family pick an item on the seder plate and share what it means to them or a favorite memory about it.  

Afikoman: Each participating household hides their own afikoman. Via Zoom (FaceTime/Skype) the others have to direct you to look in different places in your own home until they figure out where it’s hidden.

Passover with Kids 

For Children and Families : Crafts, cooking, music, books - anything and everything families with children can do during the holiday, curated by a Reform rabbi and a Jewish educator. Keep the kids entertained and have them create something special for your seder table with these Passover Crafts.

PJ Library has everything you need for a fun and interactive seder with kids

Kid-friendly Haggadot 

Tue, June 22 2021 12 Tammuz 5781