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Religious School Curriculum

Judaic Studies:

TOL Tots 

  • Build connections with our school and congregational family.
  • Experience the joy of the Jewish holidays.
  • Explore the building blocks of Jewish life with an introduction to mitzvot, Torah, Israel, our Synagogue, Jewish symbols and the life cycle.

1st – 3rd Grade students

  • Explore Israel through a scavenger hunt learning about special objects and places, cities and people.
  • Learn Hebrew words and phrases closely associated with Israel.
  • Learn the story of each holiday and understand the basic vocabulary, rituals, symbols, traditions and legends associated with each holiday.

4th – 5th Grade students

  • Build a knowledge and understanding of core Jewish values related to G’milut Chasadim—acts of loving kindness.
  • Develop an early understanding of the connection between our behavior and our Jewish values.
  • Plan and execute a mitzvah project that demonstrates their understanding of one or more of the Jewish values they learn.

6th Grade students

  • Learn about the changes and progression in American Jewish life from early settlement in 1654 to the challenges of current times.
  • Become familiar with some prominent Jews in American life, as well as the interplay of Jewish values and their achievements.
  • Develop a recognition of the parallels between the experiences of American Jews and other immigrant groups.

7th – 8th Grade Students

  • Learn the difference between productive, meaningful argument and hurtful, divisive discord guided by the teachings of our sages and text.
  • Discover that the Shoah is not an accident of history, but the result of choices and decisions made by people that had horrific impacts on people just like them and their families.
  • Will understand that the only way to prevent another Shoah or genocide from occurring is if people prevent it.

TOL Teens 

  • Explore Jewish values and how they shape our lives.
  • Study Jewish texts for how they inform our ethical decisions.
  • Explore challenging moral dilemmas and ethical choices and how our Jewish values and texts assist our navigation through difficult waters

Hebrew Studies:

Our Hebrew Students 

  • Are introduced to Hebrew words and phrases from the earliest grades through stories, play and movement.
  • Gain an ear for Hebrew and as they demonstrate a readiness to learn more, they begin more formal instruction. 
  • Are generally ready for this transition around 2nd or 3rd grade, but very occasionally are ready as early as 1st grade and sometimes not until 4th grade.
  • Are progressed through our Hebrew program at a rate that is comfortable with where their skills and understanding are.
  • During the initial year of formal study, focus on learning the Alef-Bet and vowel sounds and begin decoding words and short phrases.
  • Focus on developing prayer fluency as their skills develop, as well as building an understanding of the themes and meaning of prayers and understanding why we pray.
  • Prepare to become B’nei Mitzvah and assume the role of Jewish adults in our congregation or wherever life might take them throughout their lives.
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